Christmas Tree Ornament - Wood Fireplace over White Maple

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Wooden Fireplace Ornament back by White Maple - Hand drawn in our studio, made from 6 perfectly cut pieces of fine woods, each chosen to provide beautiful contrast in the natural colors.  This piece contains natural fine woods over a dyed white bird eye maple background to highlight the rich wood tones of the contrasting hardwoods.  Frame (front and back) are Mahogany, Stockings and Fireplace Grate are Cherrywood, Chimney Bricks are Red Cedar, Flames are Wenge, contrasted the beautiful white maple backdrop. Each piece is individually hand sanded and finished with clear coat before creating the final piece, finished off with decorative brass round head screws for just the right amount of bling to accent the golden shimmer in the mahogany used to top off the ornament.   Expect natural variations in wood grains and tones that make each ornament we create unique.

3.25" long x 2.75" wide, 1/2th inch thick considering the brass.  

We are busy drawing and filing copyrights on additional designs so check back often this Holiday Season.

Comes with a glittered red and white string, packaged in a gift box.

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